Wednesday, June 10, 2015


This is a freebie I created some time ago.  I printed it, laminated it and bound it into a book to "read" or "sing" in my class of kindergarteners!  Click on the picture to download!

I created another freebie today!

You can also use this for a formative assessment in your class.  It's four pencils with numbers.  You can print, laminate and place around your classroom for a fun "multiple choice" activity.  Download it for free by clicking on one of the images below!

I created a new freebie today!

This is a product that can be used for formative assessment in your classroom.  Just print them, laminate them and glue them to tongue depressors! Students can hold them up to show their understanding.  Grab yours by clicking on the picture below.

I really would love to get into constructing items for TpT.  Usually I just end up buying.  In my dreams I will eventually have a "real" store.

Until then, here's a freebie I created.

I print these out (with my contact information added) and then I laminate and put a magnet on the back  Then I pace them in a basket for parents to pick up during Open House or Meet the Teacher Day!

An Apple for the Teacher