Saturday, July 30, 2016

Letter Bear Game

This month the incomparable Dr. Jean has posted a fun activity to help us prepare for the upcoming school year.  One day she posted directions for playing "Letter Bear."  I made a game to go with her video so that you can print and download.  Grab it for free in my TpT store or you can download here too.  Here is the link to the Youtube video that tells about the game.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Milk Bottle Cap Game - Learning Letters and Letter Sounds

I have been collecting milk jug caps forever and wanted to make a letter game. This is my version of some that I have seen online.  

First I collected a ton of bottle caps (thanks to my daughter who is a milk lover)!

I printed out the letters and cut them out.  You can get your own letters by clicking below.

Then I modge podged the letters to the tops of the bottle caps.

I did 3 coats.  

Then we played the game!

I also made a version for matching beginning sounds to pictures.  You can see the versions and grab your own copy here

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Parent Communication

I started this blog as a way to communicate better with families and other teachers.  I communicate with them in many ways but I love to make sure they always know how to contact me.

A question was asked in a kindergarten group if I share business cards with parents.  I do but I also make these.  I print and laminate and attach a magnet to the back.  I place in a basket and pass out to parents at "Meet the Teacher" day.  You can make some too as there is an editable version in my TpT store.  Click the picture to download.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Super Cheap Dry Erase "Boards"

I saw this idea a while ago somewhere on the internet.  I've been wanting to try it for some time now. I don't know about you but all of my dry erase boards seem to be in really bad condition, don't wipe easily, marker stains and so on.

I bought these plates (4 for $1 at my local Dollar Tree) to try as dry erase boards!  Take a look:

I wrote on the plate with a dry erase marker.  I didn't even use a "real" Expo marker.  

Then I erased with one stroke:

This is what it looked like at the end :)

I am a HAPPY teacher!  I spent 6 dollars and have 24 dry erase "boards!!"

Saturday, July 16, 2016

How Many Days Have We Been in School? Counting Days in Kindergarten

How do you count your school days with your class?

Sometime ago I found a picture of a classroom where the teacher used ten frames to count how many days of school had gone by.

I looked and looked to find a place to buy some but couldn't find any so I created some and added them to my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Recently I have been updating them to include posters for recording the date and the number of the day.

Click below to see the many choices of the counting days ten frames and posters I have in my store!