Monday, April 6, 2015

Math & Technology Night

Each year our school celebrates learning in math and technology through our "Math and Technology Night!"  This year we had a carnival theme.  Here are some pictures from our kindergarten carnival games and activities.  All of our games focused on beginning addition as that's what we were starting to teach at the time of the carnival.  The ideas are from a variety of resources on the web...mostly modified from Pinterest :) one of my favorite places to visit on the web!

This is the entry to our hallway.  We used  bulletin board paper to decorate the entry way. 

One of our games was "Duck Pond."  Numbers were written on the bottoms of the ducks.  Students picked two ducks and added the numbers together, using the cubes provided, if needed. 
We purchased the ducks at the Dollar Tree...three ducks for a dollar!

Another game was "Toss and Add."

We used posterboard to make "circles" for the targets.  Students threw bean bags into targets and added the numbers together.  

We sent each family home with a packet of activities for working on math at home and an addition game and cubes to play at home. 

We got the game from Teaching in Progress

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