My Classroom

Hi!  I'm a kindergarten teacher in Snellville, Georgia.  My classroom is a small room compared to many that I see pictures of online.  I wish I had much more space.  Since I don't we have to double up some of the uses of our classroom areas.

These are pictures of our "calendar" and class meeting area.  This is also our library and reading area.

 I love these number posters.  I purchased a classroom kit from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten on Teachers Pay Teachers and this is where much of my classroom decor came from.  Before buying this kit I was not a "theme" person but Mrs. Ricca made it so easy to make everything cute and matchy matchy!

This is my small group teaching area.  It doesn't every seem to stay this neat.  I used small pieces of fabric to make "curtains" so that all of the stuff on the shelves would not show.  I am still working on labeling all of the manipulative bins in my room.  These brown shelves in the back are student cubbies and they are blocking the "view" of the sink area.

This is our class word wall and our computer center.  There are no computers there in this picture as they are laptops so they are put away right now.

These are my classroom management for groups.  Each table has an apple and I add or take away clips for good/poor group work.  At the end of the week I count to see who has the most and the "winner" gets to "eat" lunch with me on Monday.

When I first moved into to my classroom there were things everywhere!!!  Sadly there was a shaky, shaky loft that I did get rid of.  Mostly there were tons of books.  I spend much of last summer organizing the books and cleaning out stuff from my room.  Here are some "before" pictures.

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